This documentation provides an overview on how to use PBR Painter v2.3 for Blender (v2.83, v2.90, v2.91, v2.92, v2.93, v3.0, v3.1).

With the latest version release, PBR Painter documentation has moved to mostly video-based. This means that you can use this documentation to navigate to different topics, however most of the explanations are provided via embedded videos.

Where to Get PBR Painter

PBR Painter is currently available at these locations:

Blender Market
Flipped Normals

Documentation Layout

The panel on the left-hand side of the screen contains everything you'll need to get started with PBR Painter and to use as a reference while you work.

PBR Painter Discord server

Please feel free to join me and other users in the dedicated PBR Painter Discord server , where you can ask questions, report bugs, share your PBR Painter artworks or just chat with other PBR Painter users.